Dishes * We Are The Harvest * Karoushi

15 Oct
We have never craved a night filled with some good music more than now. You too?! Good news then. Saturday October 15th we have -especially for you – DISHES, WE ARE THE HARVEST & KAROUSHI.
Important:  Get here on time because the first band starts 21.30! Doors open 21.00. Bring cash for the entrance donation!
Check the Facebook Event here and invite everyone that should be here.

Dishes (Amsterdam/Nijmegen):
Fast melodic post-punk rock. With some Swedish and nineties vibes in it. You might recognize the voice of Shireen (Riot-folk) and members of Oust, Hard Voor Weinig, Pony Pack and Nightmare Air on the stage. When they aren’t playing these guys cook, do the dishes, program tours for other bands and plan the revolution. Busy bees!
We Are The Harvest (Groningen):
A DIY post-hardcore trio from Groningen with members of the bands AtackRobotAttack, Grinding Halt and Brito. With We Are The Harvest these guys go for dynamic variations, melodies and catchy tunes, unlike their earlier bands – but without losing their intensity! They are still angry. The world is on fire and they haven’t run out of things to say about that. During the covid lockdowns they recorded a few tracks themselves. Soon there will be more new materail. We can’t wait for that!
Karoushi (Groningen):
This group has already been playing for 12 years! So we could say we have a local legend on our stage. They have been asked as support for At The Drive in and Don Caballero. For their latest release ‘Parodies’ (2022), recorded in the infamous Electrical Audio-studio, they invited musicians of Pinback and The Black Heart Procession. They have a split-single planned with the American band Three Mile Pilot and they are working on a tour through Asia.

We hope to see you the 15th!


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The ORKZ-bar is part of the ORKZ, a legalised squat in the south of Groningen. Located in the old kitchens of the former Roman-Catholic hospital, the bar is run by volunteers, and usually open from 22:00 till late (except mondays and wednesdays).


The ORKZ-bar is not available for rent; try the RKZbios instead.

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