Willie Darktrousers & De Splinters + ONMENS

26 May

Oh boy, do we have a treat for you on Saturday 26 May!
Doors 22:00 / First band 22:30 / CASH ONLY!





Willie Darktrousers & De Splinters: Fresh outta Friesland and Groningen, Willie Darktrousers & De Splinters make experimental music with influences from doom, folky noise/garagerock and black metal. In their own words: “Nederlandstalige garagedoom, swingpunk & noisefolk”. Their lyrics are in Dutch and because of their love of autotune it creates a dark, gloomy vibe that fits perfectly in the depths of the ORKZ BAR.

ONMENS: “Onmens seeks to keep you dancing immersed in a trance-like state while blood gushes from both earholes.” we can’t say it better then they do themselves, but here’s a try: ONMENS makes hard, explicit, dark, electronical music with guitar harmonies. It’s scary and aggressive, yet catchy and melodic, all at the same time. With their It makes you want to cry, fight, but most of all.. it makes you want to DANCE!


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The ORKZ-bar is part of the ORKZ, a legalised squat in the south of Groningen. Located in the old kitchens of the former Roman-Catholic hospital, the bar is run by volunteers, and usually open from 22:00 till late (except mondays and wednesdays).


The ORKZ-bar is not available for rent; try the RKZbios instead.

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