Mainstage PLEUROPSONIC 2019

19 Jan

Doors 20:30 
Cash only!

21:00 EvilMrSod
EvilMrSod is the solo project and alter-ego of Pablo Ramón Rodriguez Rivero, singer, guitar player and main composer for Fuckin’ Family Faces, the well known rock’n’roll band from Tenerife, Canary Islands. He combines very different music genres, though his style is unmistakable as he explores the darker side of Folk-Rock, Country, Blues… each have their own place with EvilMrSod.

22:00 Bottlecap
BOTTLECAP is a trio of young skinny men from Gothenburg, Sweden, that loves being loud, fast and filled up with energy to the rim. They themselves describe their shows as ”beer infusion and noise explosion”. If you like a wild show, you will love them. If you like rock’n’roll you will love them. If you like the feeling of not knowing what will happen, well yes, then you will definitely love them.

23:00 Healer of Bastards
H.O.B. is a hardcore punk band that plays angry, but catchy songs about social injustice and the struggle for a better future for us all. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, it’s a struggle that hits close to home.

00:00 Cenobites Psychobilly Rotterdam
Psychobilly that makes your ears bleed! Having rocked all over the world since 1994, Cenobites’ rough mix of punk and psychobilly cuts through your eardrums and into your veins. With this evil combo, all hell breaks loose and every show is played as if it’s their last!!!

Heavy Faces + AUFGLAUFT

9 Feb

Doors – 22:00
Cash only!

Heavy Faces

Dit internationale gezelschap met leden uit 3 verschillende landen, brengt een mix van neo-soul, prog. rock, hip-hop en reggae. Hun live shows zijn intens, interactief energiek, technisch krachtig en rauw waar het telt.



AUFGLAUFT neemt je mee op een instrumentale rondreis door een feestelijke wereld van verschillende muziekstijlen, oftewel Party Jazz! Daarnaast staan ze bekend om hun energieke en interactieve live performance, wat zich altijd uitmondt in een feest. Verwacht jazz, rock, balkan, funk en een breed scala aan andere muziekstijlen. *Stil staan onmogelijk.


Drum ‘n Bass night!

23 Feb

Timetable to be announced!


Saint Grey
Dirty Wakka
Nobel Savage


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The ORKZ-bar is part of the ORKZ, a legalised squat in the south of Groningen. Located in the old kitchens of the former Roman-Catholic hospital, the bar is run by volunteers, and usually open from 22:00 till late (except mondays and wednesdays).


The ORKZ-bar is not available for rent; try the RKZbios instead.

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