Neuk! – BAAS – Devoid – Harcore punk

6 Apr

Doors open 22:00 – Be in time because the max capacity might be reached tonight..
Facebook event

Neuk!: Jaja, je leest het goed. Neuk! in het RKZ! Hardcore punk legendes die way back gaan.. in 1995 verscheen het debuutalbum Dopeheid Troef. Keiharde hardcore, speedmetal en Nederlandstalige raps!

BAAS: Een sneltrein van harde riffs, snerpende zang en rammende tracks. 90’s hardcore uit Groningen, dat is BAAS.

Devoid: Brute hardcore uit het Noorden! Klaar om de zaal op te warmen..

Every Stranger Looks Like You (BE)(post-hardcore)+ Torrential (NL)(post-metal)

13 Apr

Doors open: 22:00 o clock
Check the Facebook event here.

Every Stranger Looks Like You: This Belgian band has an unique brand of post-hardcore, it’s as vicious and raw as it is heavy and focused. Live shows are known to be insanely energetic and highly introspective. They have shared stages with bands as Code Orange, Bass Drum of Death, The Shrine, Listener and many more. In 2018 they released “I: Levensmoeheid” on it they sound more visceral and aggressive than ever.. Come check them out! “Op een bikkelharde manier legt ESLLY je een spiegel voor waar je niet bepaald goedgeluimd van wordt. Maar net daarom slaagt Levensmoeheid I in zijn opzet. De titel is het album waardig, het raakt je op plekken die je liever verborgen houdt. Een wereld waar niemand wil zijn, maar toch iedereen in past. Een bom van een plaat, maar toch ontwapenend.”

Torrential: A combination of post-metal with chaotic hardcore alternated by black metal influences that leads to an effective frenzy of rage and progression. Inspired by bands like Touche Amore, Converge and Norma Jean, these four breathe emotion and urgency. The northerners also find inspiration in Romanticism and metaphysics and explore themes like dependence, desire, burden and illusions of the mind. Extremely loud and with raging guitars they succeed in translating these themes into a sensitive yet razor sharp musical whole

Gray Dog

24 May

Friday 24 May
Doors open 22:00 o clock
Facebook event

Gray Dog:We are honored to welcome this duo in our bar. Gray Dog originally comes all the way from Minsk (Belarus) and are now based in Wroclaw (Poland).

Gray Dog sounds like a jam of Phil Anselmo and Johnny Cash, but they tell the stories like King Dude or Marilyn Manson would!
They use a wide range of techniques and sounds, from percussive fingerstyle and electric guitar to using the guitar trunk as a bass drum.. Inspired by the folklore of Southern States of US and the legends about blues and voodoo cult. Stories about men that sell their souls to the Devil and femme fatales of little towns near New Orleans.

If you ask us to describe their music to you, it would be something like ‘Take some Raw, Dark, Southern Blues and mix it up with some Occult Stoner, Americana, Ambient Doom and then sprinkle some Folk on top’.
But you should just come check it out and then tell us how you would describe it!

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Sons Of A Wanted Man (blackened post-metal) + Hamelin (post-metal)

8 Jun

Prepare for intense night of Belgian post-metal goodness!
Saturday 8 June
Doors open 22:00

Sons Of A Wanted Man: Sons of a Wanted Man is a blackened post-metal band from Beringen, Belgium. Experimenting with dreamy shoegaze (or melodic blackgaze, if you like), pounding blastbeats and energetic walls of heavy sludge, they take the listener through a journey of both beauty and pure frenzy.

Hamelin: These four divergent souls from Aarschot create an organic beast of post metal enchained by melody and rhythm. Though they’re in the process of releasing their first EP, they’re in no way new to the scene. With all of them being talented in music and experienced on stage with different bands and projects, you might just find yourself impressed by their unique sound and dynamic.


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