Saturday 7 April DUO NIGHT!

7 Apr

Saturday 7 April DUO NIGHT!
Doors: 22:00 / First band: 22:30
These awesome bands, all duo’s, will blow your mind!
TALBOTComing from the Estonian capital of Tallinn, this two headed juggernaut has been conquering the world since 2008 with their special brand of sludgy post-metal. The duo’s soundscapes are equally massive, atmospheric and noisy, with a nice amount of psychedelia on top of it.

These Nordic heavy noise rockers have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their minimalistic approach, earsplitting volume and defiant experimentation. The duo makes use of crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across.

Commonly known as ”the only rock band in Tromsø”, JABBA originally hails from the rural town of Sørreisa and have fought their way trough the harsh street life of this unforgiving northern settlement. JABBA is inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Motörhead, ZZ Top and Primus.
Facebook event for this evening : Don’t forget to invite your friends!

Friday 13 April Chief Of Smoke & MAUDLIN

13 Apr

Friday 13th of April we have 2 awesome bands lined up for you guys again!
Doors 22:00 / First band 22:30
Chief Of Smoke: Dit Heavy Rock trio uit Groningen heeft vaker in de ORKZ BAR gestaan en dit zijn we niet vergeten! Ze maakten indruk met hun ronkende blues based stonerrock. De bandnaam verwijst naar de commandant van een Amerikaans artilleriebataljon, ‘He who brings smoke’. Maar natuurlijk ook naar de vredespijp, die steevast rondgaat. Rechtoe rechtaan rock ‘n roll!

* This Heavy Rock trio from Groningen has played at the ORKZ BAR before and we haven’t forgotten it! They make an impression with their steaming blues based stonerrock. The name of the band refers to the commandant of an American artillery battalion, ‘He who brings smoke’. But of course it also refers to the peace pipe, that’s passed on. Straightforward rock ‘n roll!

Maudlin: Maudlin, uit Oostende, België, is het zijproject van de gitarist van Oscar & the Wolf en de drummer van the Spectors. Verwacht luide, rauwe, psychedelische rock! De luisteraar wordt blootgesteld aan een ziel van rauwheid en diepe emoties en gedoopt in een hallucinante, bodemloze poel.  Maudlin stond op festivals als Desertfest en Ieperfest en nu kun je ze hier zien, in de ORKZ BAR!

* Maudlin, from Oostende, Belgium, is the side-project of the guitarist from Oscar & The Wolf and the drummer of The Spectors. Expect some very loud, raw & psychedelic rock! As a listener you’re exposed to deep, raw emotions and you feel as if you’re thrown in a hallucinatory, bottomless pit. The band has played at festivals like Desertfest and Ieperfest. And now’s your chance to see them here, in the ORKZ BAR!

Check the Facebook event here and don’t forget to invite your fun loving friends!


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The ORKZ-bar is part of the ORKZ, a legalised squat in the south of Groningen. Located in the old kitchens of the former Roman-Catholic hospital, the bar is run by volunteers, and usually open from 22:00 till late (except mondays and wednesdays).


The ORKZ-bar is not available for rent; try the RKZbios instead.

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